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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sariah finds.. joy with a language of faith.

1 Nephi 5 :1-9

Sariah....We have heard Nephi's point of view. We know how Nephi and Lamen's view were not compatible.
But what about their mother? How does she figure into this? What kind of faith did she have? We know from 1 Nephi 1:1 That she was a goodly parent. We know that she followed Lehi. Here in the first 8 verses of chapter 5 we learn that she had faith.

I wonder how I would react? How would I treat my husband if he sent my only sons to face a man of Laban's power. How would I feel? As women, we often allow our feelings to cloud our judgment. Emotion, however and the ability to reach others through the understanding of feelings is what makes women strong. Its the glue that softens hearts. I love being a woman. I love being able to teach with a spirit of goodness and an element of love.

Don't you believe that Sariah's anxiety was motivated from her love. Just because our faith is not the same as men does not mean it is not as strong.

Words and phrases

my mother Sariah was exceedingly glad (vs 1) - Why did Nephi say that Lehi was filled with joy but Sariah was glad? I have often seperated the two.. joy and gladness. Joy (to me) relates more to the spiritual realm. Gladness connotes relief. And we know that she felt relief from her mourning. It's important to remember that this is a son's perspective. Would another sister have described it differently?

for she had supposed (vs 2) Okay.. maybe she was a bit anxious. I have been anxious and when I let my anxiety get the best of me, I am led to suppose, to assume, to predict, and to let my imagination get the best of me. I don't think it is a good thing to be "supposing". Indeed when we inspect what Sariah was busy supposing, all of it was negative. Supposing then does not go hand in hand with faith.

we perish...( vs 2) What was driving Sariah's fears? Her own survival. She was left alone with an older man. Albeit a spiritually strong man, but when you are in the wilderness you need physical strength. Sariah's fears had become selfish concerns that she let get the best of her. I wonder how often I complain against my husband or the Lord when I allow selfish concerns to overcome my faith and lead me to despair?

my father spake unto her (vs 4) Lehi.. was in a spot. No doubt he was in hot water with his wife. How did he respond? He confronted her. He agreed with her. He refuted her fears. You are right... Sariah. I am a visionary man and because I am so.. I know of God's goodness.
the carrot...Honey don't forget we have a promise of a land. We have the Lord's promise that he will protect not only us but also our sons.

This must have been a very trying experience for both mother and father. But I can see that having gone through it, they are then able to move forward with faith. Knowing that God truly was with them, and this was a mission for them to embark on with all their family.

after this manner of language (vs 6) Lehi is a prophet. I didn't hear malice, anger, or contempt in his voice as he spoke to Sariah. In stead I heard compassion, a moment of teaching, and a call to remember faith. Let's see... says he's a prophet, works like a prophet, acts like a prophet, speaks like a prophet. Must be a prophet.

their joy was full (vs 7) Here is the catch. It was in verse 1 that we learned that Lehi had joy and Sariah had gladness. Now with the trial of their faith complete... we see both having joy. Sariah only had gladness. When she discovered the true understanding of faith and God's love for her and her family, she found joy. Again I have always understood joy to emanate from spiritual emotions. Gladness comes from physical relief. It was only after her spiritual understanding grew that she found comfort in her joy.

she spake with a surety (vs 8) - so she had doubted Lehi. She had gone along with the plan. The Lord must have known this would happen. I always wondered why when Lehi left Jerusalem he didn't remember to get the plates then? It surely would have been much easier. I believe that he needed to give Sariah time to pause and comprehend all that was taking place. As a woman, this journey was going to require a great deal. No fire, no comforts, no place to give birth, no medical care, no friends to run to. She was alone with her husbands and her sons. I don't ever remember their being mention of her having daughters. Someone correct me if I am wrong. With al of the emotion behind her, her mind clears and she can see the Lord's love "with a surety".
after this manner of language... vs 8) She changed her tone. She changed her words. She changed her language from one of doubt to one of faith and purpose. I have been like Sariah. I have had a language of doubt and scorn. I have cursed and murmured when I have not understood. I hope that I can learn like Sariah to change me language to one of faith.

What does a language of faith sound like? Reverent, quiet, contemplative, reassuring, faithful, sure, obedient. Caring, loving and diligent in all things.
Verse 9 tells us that Lehi's family continued with their language of faith through rejoicing, sacrifice, burnt offerings, giving thanks.
I want to sacrifice and give thanks unto my God and learn to check my tongue and use a language of faith.

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