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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Mighty One of Jacob

1 Nephi 21

Isaiah has a beautiful way of writing. I have never really understood it. Finally after studying it and thinking hard about it. I came up with this poem. I hope it might help you find some insight into what Isaiah wanted you to understand. This poem tells the story of the Messiah's mission as seen from the eyes of his mother.

The Mighty One of Jacob

Oh the mighty one of Jacob
God hast called thee from my womb
From my bowels have I listened
As he made mention of your name.

As a suckling child I have nursed thee
In the shadows of his hand
From my womb hath he formed thee
To bring Jacob home again.

As a polished shaft he hast made thee
To gather Jacob's tribe,
In his quiver hast he hid thee
By springs of water doth he guide.

From your mouth comes words of sharpness
Like a powerful sword of worth
Use your sword to restore Israel
Spread salvation throughout the earth.

Labor not my son in vainness
Spend your judgement with the Lord
Be a light unto the Gentiles
Set God's standard through his word.

It matters not that men will hate thee
Nor that nation's will abhor
King's shall see thee and applaud thee
Royalty, bow their faces towards the floor

Thou art a gift unto the isles
They that dwellest upon the seas
A servant for a covenant
To his people that you lead.

To the prisoners that sit in darkness
Feed their hunger, quench their thirst
Show them passage through the mountains
From their children lift their curse.

Then, my mighty one of Jacob
Shall God's people come from far
Their daughters riding upon thy shoulders
Their sons resting in thine arms.

Israel shall be gathered
With the power of thy name.
I am the woman that has born thee
To bring Jacob home again.

The poem is a bit rough. I may change it as time goes by and I revisit it's meaning and direction. It was written to bring you new understanding to this often difficult passage of Scripture.

When you take time to consider that the entire chapter is about the mission of the Messiah and all that he was meant to do. When you consider that much of what is mentioned in this chapter has already happened or is in the process of happening, it brings great peace and comfort.

That's all for today. Busy day.

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