“The way a book is read — which is to say, the qualities a reader brings to a book — can have as much to do with its worth as anything the author puts into it…. Anyone who can read can learn how to read deeply and thus live more fully.”
~Norman Cousins

Writing is where we truly learn. Join the Journey.

I read from my scriptures (book), but you can find scripture reference here.

Ann's Poetry

To Wait

I wait upon the easing,
And I hold onto the truth;
To grasp with shaking fingers,
That which gives me hope to do.

The ache of mortal frailty,
That which pales my broken skin,
Tries my patience, breaks my heart,
But I still wait for him.

I wait upon my Father.
Father waits upon his child.
An angel takes my weary hand.
“Hold on a little while.”

“Today is not the moment,
And this moment not the clime.”
Water soaks my pillow,
Waiting for a future time.

This present place is darkness,
And my outlook seems so bleak.
Where is balm of Gilead,
The ease of suffering I seek?

“Not now, my child. With
Suffering, your will to mine I bend.
I wait upon you,
Patience now,
Endure until the End.”

Copyright Ann Yoxtheimer April 2011


The Truth
By: Ann Yoxtheimer

A lie is easy bended;
Yea, a lie is as the sand.
Impossible to carry,
Or to hold within your hand.

A lie is a kaleidoscope,
Behold the colors drift,
Fluid as the ocean, shapes
and forms that slide and shift

A lie is as a sleeping dream
A fantasy, a myth
Created by a dozing child
Mind captured by a wish

But truth’s a cragged mountain,
Ancient granite, cold and firm.
Placidly unyielding
Unresponsive to the yearn.

As the mountain is unchanging;
So the height and form remain.
The truth today is one thing;
And tomorrow is the same.

The comfort that a lie can give;
Is temporary, brief.
My solace is the truth to you,
Will look the same to me.

Copyyright Ann Yoxtheimer April 2011
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