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Friday, April 15, 2011

The Glory of Women by Ann Y.

Unlike most religions in the world, or even most Christian religions, ours is a religion of celebration. We celebrate the gospel; we celebrate God's plan; and (this is truly unique to us as Mormons) we celebrate the role of women.

We don't patronize each other as happens in other religions. We don't pretend to be the same as men, and we don't even aspire to the same goals. Other Christian religions make the pretense of honoring women by pretending they are men, and offering them the priesthood. I think that is a mockery of the beautiful and sacred role of women in our Heavenly Father's plan. He didn't give us the priesthood for a reason. It's not because we don't deserve it, or because we're not strong enough or spiritual enough to carry it. The Lord did not offer the priesthood to women because he had something more sacred and precious in mind for us.

Throughout the ages, people have studied the scriptures without the spirit and have come to the pitying conclusion that women are somehow inferior to men. That, my friend, is laughable. Is the perfect beauty of a singular rose inferior to a grain of wheat? Is a rainbow inferior to a cloud? One is structural and utilitarian, and one offers beauty and hope. In life, both are necessary.

I have read the scriptures, and if one looks for it, one can find many instances of God's love of his daughters. When Christ tarried on this earth, some of his most beloved disciples were women. In fact, the most singular event in history, the most important event to ever take place on this earth was the resurrection of Christ. Without which, the entire plan comes to naught. And when Christ had completed his work, and rejoined his frame, who was the first witness that he showed himself to? Was his appearance to Mary Magdalane just an accident? I don't believe so; I believe it was a reward for her extreme faithfulness.

There are two times in the scriptures that I can think of when I see the Lord send his prophets back for something. The first is in Genesis. Adam was allowed to roam the Garden for an untold aount of time searching for a mate before Eve was given to him. She was not an afterthought. Heavenly Father wanted Adam to understand that he needed Eve, and so he was allowed to live without her until he recognized a need for her. God loved her so much that he wanted Adam to cherish her, and we don't usually cherish something until we have had to do without it.

Another event that strikes a familiar cord with me is the account of Nephi and his family fleeing into the wilderness. They were commanded to flee, but they were sent back twice: once for the brass plates and once for Ishmael and his family. but were they indeed sent back for Ishmael and his family? No, they were sent back for Ishmael's daughters. The rest of the family was invited to join them too, but I think if Ishmael had had only sons, he probably would have ended up perishing in Jerusalem with the rest of the people.

Nephi and his brothers were sent back for the women, because women are absolutely vital to the plan of salvation. They are not an afterthought. God knows everything. He could have told Lehi to take the brass plates and Ishmael's family with them when they left. He didn't. He sent his people back for them so that they (and we) will take notice.

Heavenly Father loves his daughters no less than his sons, and we have access to blessings that are just as wonderful (or maybe more so) than our male counterparts.

Never underestimate the power of a woman to change the world.

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  1. Your last sentence really struck home.
    Who was it that First changed the world? Who was it that brought us the family of man? Who was it that brougth us the Son of God?


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