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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Prayer of the Sinner

Prayer of the Sinner by Ann Y.

My Father, with humility I bow my head,
And on my knees, I offer my oblations.
I worship thee, and love for thee,
I show with my arms folded.

I know I’ve sinned, I’ve fallen short.
I’ve given pain and disappointment.
Please, my Lord, forgive of me,
My weaknesses and my human frailties.

With eyes cast down and heart contrite,
With knowledge of my glaring faults,
I plead for needs, I beg for wants
Uncertain of the difference.

With salted tears that bathe my cheeks,
And trembling hands clenched in fear,
A child not yet with wisdom granted,
I hope for mercy and plead for patience.

In gratitude, I end my offering;
understanding my efforts are unfinished.
I will continue, oh Lord in my heart,
To earn this day what I’ve been given.

Sanctify my works, and with thy grace,
Grant unto me thy spirit.
From thee I ask in the hallowed name
Of thy beloved son, Amen

Copyright Ann Yoxtheimer April 2011

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