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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Fool's Prayer Ecclesiastes 5 P

Ecclesiastes 5

Proverbs 15: 2
2 The atongue of the wise useth knowledge aright: but the mouth of fools poureth out bfoolishness.

A Fool's Prayer

Keep my feet
within thine house, Lord;
Make mine ears
more ready to hear.

Help my mouth
to be less rash, Lord;
Train mine heart
to stay more near.

Give my dreams
unto thy company, Lord;
Make mine vows
defer not their pay.

Keep my word
ever true Lord;
Give me strength
to do all I say.

Suffer not my mouth
to sin, Lord;
Let me not
before angels make,

Excuses that would
anger thee, Lord;
Or from thee
divine pleasure take.

Cometh down unto
my earth Lord;
Destroy not mine
works of hand.

Let not my words
of multitude
cause my sorrow
to expand.

Thou, my God
in heaven lives Lord;
Thou my God
make my words few.

Help me know
thy wisdom true Lord;
Help me keep
my vows to you.
Linda Conkey Shaw copyright July 6 2010

We have all put our foot in our mouth a time or two. We have all said more than was needed. Solomon took time to expound on some of these and speak his mind about how unbridled words can put us into a world of hurt.

"A Fool's Prayer" is taken from the first seven verses of Ecclesiastes 5. It helps explain Solomon's feelings about those who do not take God's words and existence seriously.
As I read it I remembered several adages I have learned through the years; "Take your word for it; As good as his word; A man of few words; etc.

In understanding the poem, it is important to read verse 1-7 first. In reading it you will understand that Solomon is trying to help draw a distinction between those who will not adhere to God's wisdom and those who will. He has a darker way of getting his point across, but it is still effective. He asks us to consider all of our words and how they direct our actions.

Words and Phrases and Verses

vs 1 - Keep thy foot - Be reverent. Be steady. Be sure. Be balanced. Stand tall
vs. 1 - More ready to hear - Listen. reverent, quiet, humble
vs. 2- rash with thy mouth - Listen. Think before you speak. Do not cast fast judgment
vs 2 - heart be hasty - greed, unbridled passion. envy.
vs 2 - Let thy words be few - Think clearly what you will say. Consider your word choice when speaking to the Lord who is in heaven.
Vs 3 - A dream cometh through the multitude of business - What we desire to gain comes not from one source but the Lord works through his networks of those that serve him. A fool will speak his mind no matter how it will affect those that work to his favor.
vs 4 - he hath no pleasure in fools - It does not please the Lord when we put our foot in our mouth.
vs 5 - integrity
vs 6 No excuses- Do what you say. Make your word good. Your honor depends on it.
vs 7 too many dreams (directions) and too many words... brings emptiness. Fear God and focus. Don't walk in circles, but rather find focus and fear God.
vs. 8 Justice comes from a higher source than can be found on earth
vs. 9 served by the field - we all eat the same food, and benefit from the same profit.
vs 10 Those who seek abundance - (not profit) are never satisfied. Why? Because abundance is not specific. It is the accumulation of things, but these things may have no meaning if they have no purpose
vs 11 - the beholding of them with their eyes - we like to look upon our wealth, but for what other purpose is there. This is pure vanity.
vs 12 those who labor sleep well, those who have an over abundance must worry about its safety.
vs 13 riches kept for the owners to their hurt - those who seek riches just to obtain and have, suffer pain from the anxiety of worrying about them. We cannot serve two. Either we will love one (riches) or we love the other (God or people). But if we try to serve both.. we find angst.
vs 14 -16 - We take from this life what we bring to it. nothing physical.
vs 18 -19 enjoy the good of his labor- there is a difference between enjoying the good of ones labor in his portion... and understanding that it comes from God.. as a gift.... And selfishly keeping all of your riches for the vanity of having riches.
vs 20 joy of his heart - From our good of our labor comes a joy of heart that is unmatched from any mass of wealth we can obtain.


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