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Monday, July 5, 2010

Under the Sun Ecclesiastes 4 P

Under the Sun

Hot and long are my days under the sun.
Oppressed without hope of comfort, I cry out.
He who holds power over my labor, casts us into
A demonic cycle where we,
My oppressor and I, face a hopeless struggle.
He replaces his fear of right with an impotent offer of solace.
I replace my comfort lost with the celebration of my dead
And a grievance for my unborn.

Under the sun,
A mirage of escape looms, Untouchable,
Masked in the pretense of a “right work”.
Success lends itself to envious strife and
Broken promises of rewards
That causes my contentment to fly away
With both hands full of emptiness.

Under the sun,
A fool, I languish so that I might fold my hands
And eat my own flesh.

Under the sun,
Learned, I strive for the envy of my neighbor
And the vanity of my success.

Under the sun
Alone I must trudge
with neither eye satisfied,
Always wondering
“For whom do I serve?”

Under the sun
Alone I face a sore travail
and taste not of the “good reward”
Reserved for the two
That lift one another,
Warm one another,
And offer a threefold cord.

Under the sun
I serve an old and foolish king
That turns away from humble counsel and
Fills his kingdom with desolate spirits
Who are unable to comprehend,
The quiet freedom, comfort and contentment
A poor and wise child could bring.

Under the Sun
Did Solomon sing,
A mournful yet beautiful hymn

To the lonely, the oppressed and even the fool
God's love wants only to comfort, quiet, befriend.
Linda Conkey Shaw July 4, 2010 Copyright

I actually thougth when I first read this chapter that it was going to be an easy blog.
It was not easy to comprehend. It was not easy to get. I had to read, and reread it. Finally it fell into place.

Solomon sees only evil "under the sun". He does not understand how any who live only for the day to day cycle of life find comfort, companionship, or contentment. He sees how the powers that oppress rob all of mankind from the hope of a better way. He sees how the powers that drive us to put success over relationships, over companionship bring empty wealth. He sees how kings (himself) finds nothing but arrogance, selfishiness, and power hungry people in his kingdom. He sees that life is not good this way.

I know that this is true. In my own life I have seen many who have travailed "under the sun" and found no real happiness. The corporate world makes the world go around, and down. It often looses its balance when it places profit, success and greed over the humane needs of feeling accepted, balanced and humble.

Words and Phrases

vs 1 all the oppressions.... the world is full of oppression. If someone cannot directly oppress you through work, they will seek to lure you into oppression through "evil designs" that cause you to become addicted to their product, etc.

vs 1 no comforter... The Holy Ghost is the first comforter to those that believe in Jesus Christ.
We need not have "no comfort" in this life. We only choose to not accept the comfort that was planned for us from the beginning.

vs. 2 I praised the dead.... so great is the cage of oppression that many who are caught into it celebrate their dead more than their own life. They praise those that made it through their trials. and greive for those who have yet to come. Life is not meant for this despair. Life is meant to have Joy.. Joy in the Journey.

vs 4. every right work... Solomon is going to now consider the travail's of man's labor. and
first he will look at "every right work" the successes that men have in their lives and what it brings them when they are not balanced.
vs 5. the fool, foldeth his hands. ... second solomon will look at the fool who refuses to work. He ends up eating himself .. when we don't prepare for the future and use wisdom to plan for our tomorrows we deceive ourselves into a false sense of security only to be surprised that we must eat up all of our resources. We should always plan prudently
vs 6. a favorite verse... A handful of quietness.. ... It is better to be content with a little than to have frustration with too much. There is greater joy in contentment. There is greater joy in understanding how to balance our wants with the needs of our spirits.
vs 7. vanity under the sun... another look at how we ply emptiness in our world.
vs 8. for whom do I labor? the lonely must labor all day and to no reward. to no satisfaction or contentment. They do not share their lives with any one so they must fall alone, sleep alone, be cold alone, and never understand that their pursuit of wealth does not bring them good rewards. There is no family, no friends, no rejoicing in hard work that serves itself.
vs 9 two are better than one... The Lord has taught me this.. two missionaries, two animals, two partners, two visiting teachers, two home teachers, two .. strength in pairs.
vs 10. for if they fall... safety, security, promise of help from those you serve.
vs 11 how can one be warm alone? the warmth of friendship. the warmth of togetherness and of sharing thoughts, feelings, love, hopes, dreams, tomorrows, laughter, etc.
vs 12 a threefold cord is not quickly broken. .. strength in numbers. don't go it alone
vs 13 who will no more be admonished... will I ever receive so much success, wealth, want, that I forget how to take counsel.
vs 16 shall not rejoice in him... who can not rejoice in the Lord God? Who cannot see the strength that faith in him will bring?


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  1. Beautiful beyond words - plus you coined the name of your book.
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