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Friday, July 23, 2010

A Tree to Swing On( Helaman 3: 1-14

Helaman 3

We had a storm two nights ago that took down a rather large pine tree. As it fell it narrowly missed our lawn furniture, hammock and other trees in the back yard. It had died long ago, the product of infestation, but it took a large wind to finally lay it's soft decayed trunk on the ground.

Trees are valued here in Summerville. We have another large tree that must also come down for it too has died. As we investigated how we might take this tree down we learned that all trees over a certain circumference are protected. Summerville, S.C. has a reputation for protecting trees. If a tree is over a certain circumference you have to do whatever possible to save the tree.
Trees provide us with so many blessings. I love trees. I love the shade they provide, the homes for the wildlife, the sounds they give us as the wind dances around and through their branches. I love to stand at the base of a large tree and look skyward toward it's tall branches that stretch their arms around its neighbors in the forest.

My grandson recently told me that he liked trees too. He came up to me while I sat on the porch and said, "Gramma I love trees."
"Okay, Why do you like trees?"
"Because when I touch a tree I feel close to God".

As I read my scriptures today I was reminded how important the trees on this earth are. They are a gift to man from our loving creator. We are reminded of this when we see how the Nephites named a land that was devoid of trees. And then how they managed to bring them back into their lives through shipping.

I hope I will will be reminded of the love that God has for trees when he gave them to us as a gift. I hope I will remember how a young child of God can see that when he touches a tree, he feels closer to God.

Words and Phrases

vs. 3 went forth to the land northward - Zarahemla finally became overcrowded and people began to migrate northward

vs 5 rendered desolate and without timber - They were willing to name a land that was without timber desolate. Why? Because without timber they had not fuel, no wildlife, no shelter, to source to carve tools with, etc. Timber is exceedingly important in our lives. Even in the cities that have used only concrete they have learned that one single tree can lower the temperature of a city block substantially.

vs6 greatness of the destruction of the people - apparently there had been a great number of people in this land before.. they had a great fight and not only were the people killed but the timber went also.
vs 9. whatsoever tree should spring up that it should grow up - they were without.. they knew the value of a tree in a large vast land that was otherwise desolate.
vs 10 timber was exceedingly scarce- My grandson wanted to know what timber was. Timber is a valuable commodity. Think of a world without timber! What would we miss?
furniture, fuel, food, housing, shipping, habitat, wildlife habitat, What else can you think of?

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