“The way a book is read — which is to say, the qualities a reader brings to a book — can have as much to do with its worth as anything the author puts into it…. Anyone who can read can learn how to read deeply and thus live more fully.”
~Norman Cousins

Writing is where we truly learn. Join the Journey.

I read from my scriptures (book), but you can find scripture reference here.

How to Study Scripture

Pray- Scripture comes from God. His spirit can help us learn and grow as we read the words he kept for us. I try to always begin my study with prayer

Read -
          Chapter Headings - These offer a short synopsis of the story you are about to hear
          FootNotes - These occur in the small numbers within the scriptures themselves and
                              offer insight into similar scriptures and meanings
          Index -  A great resource for a list of scriptures that deal with a particular top
          Dictionary- use a dictionary at the back of the scriptures or Merrium-Webster

         Time- Set a time to study free from distractions. Try to read for the set amount of time rather than a set amount of pages or verses. Try to study every day.
         Place - Find a time where you can read without interuptions
         Plan -  Have a plan of study. This could be a topic of study. a book or to look for answers
         Ask Questions - Begin your study by asking questions and letting the scriptures guide you to find answers
Look For -

         Connecting Words -  words like between, and, to, help bridge one or more ideas
          Pattterns- of behavior. of life. of outcomes
          Lists - lists help connect the worlds that exist in our lives
          Type- symbols and imagery parables   
Liken - Put your name in place of the person in the scriptures. Try to think how the scriptures might apply to you?

Ponder - To Ponder means to open your heart to learning. As you read let the words open your heart to new understandings that the Holy Spirit wants you alone to understand

Ask Questions - Who, What, When, Where, Why, How.. all help unlock the story in our mind and connect us to it.

Reread -  If you don't understand what is happening or why, don't be afraid to reread and reread until the Holy Ghost helps you learn and grow.

Apply - Apply the truths of the gospel into your everyday life. Let them sink into your heart and act as a compass as you make choices each day.


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