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Monday, July 19, 2010

Time Choice and Relationships

I have had to take a break on my scriptures blogging so that I could attend my daughters wedding, reception, and care for the many family members and guests in my home. It has been nice to do so. It has given me some time to read my own posts and contemplate what I am doing, how I am doing, and the joy that has come into my life because of my time choice each day.

Time comes to each of us as we open our eyes to each day's sunlight. We can choose to abuse our gift of time, or use it wisely. When we choose to include others in our daily life we make choices with our time that includes them. In doing so we improve our relationships with them. Why is this? It is because when we choose to do something with those that we love, we are saying "I love you", "you are important to me". I chose to cook, clean, play, visit, talk, and just enjoy my family this weekend. It was a beautiful and memorable weekend for all of us. Our daughter and son in law will have many wonderful memories as they begin their new life together.

They will have to learn to choose to do things together, to work together, to listen to one another, and to always place each other in the time that they have each day. They will have many opportunities to exclude one another, but with practice they will learn to balance their time and learn to include one another.

I thought about this and realized that it is not too different with our God. He is part of us. He lives within us. God is in everything that he created. When we take the time to learn of him through his words and interaction with the prophets from the past, we have great opportunity to become like him and emulate his ways.

We can read his words daily, for just a few short moments and find within us a renewal of energy that helps us live life to the fullest. I am reminded of the history of our culture and how life has (in the past ) been much simpler. We have been wooed to believe that television, radio, electronics etc. are necessary for our happiness. It does help us draw closer to one another and learn many different social skills, but there are also many moments that are lost. I think we can choose to watch television on occasion and make it that much more special. I think we can choose to draw closer to the God that is within us and learn to cultivate a love for spending time in deep contemplation about how we act toward others and how we treat those that we love.

When we evaluate the time we have with ourselves, those we love, and the Spirit of God that is within us, we realize that we have very little time each day. We have so many activities that we must participate in to ensure our own survival: food, sleep, clothing, work, etc. etc. I believe that when we learn to put God at the beginning of our day, then all things fall into place.
God loves us. He wants to bless us, (just as those that we live with want to spend time with us) but if we don't take the time to be with them, to plan our time together then we loose the opportunity to love.

I will begin another book tomorrow. I am anxious to see where God will lead me. I feel very blessed and very grateful for all that I have enjoyed these pasts weeks as I watch my own family grow and blossom.

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