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Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Good Name: Wisdom Ecclesiastes 7 P

Ecclesiastes 7
A Good Name:

Layeth not his heart
In the house of feasting.
But seeks to mourn
With those who mourn
And comfort those
In need of comfort.

Strengthens his heart in sorrow
And considers a sad countenance.

Seeketh the heart of the wise
In the house of mourning
And leaves the fools to their mirth.

Hears the songs that upbraid,
With an excellency of wisdom
That is meant to make better the heart.

Waits with a patient spirit;
For a thing's end brings more
Satisfaction than its beginning.

Resteth his anger,
Not in the hasty
Bosom of fools,
But rather in
He that giveth life.

Sees wisdom in he
Who can see the sun
And knows from whence
An inheritance finds profit

Knows that both wisdom
And money bring protection,
But wisdom alone giveth life.

Rejoiceth in his prosperity
But considers God
In his day of adversity.

Balances his righteousness
So that he perisheth not.
And considers his foolishness
So that he lives a long life.

Fears God
With the strength of wisdom
That brings the sadness of truth
That he is a sinner.

Judgeth not others
For their cursing.
But knows of his
Own cursing.

Asks, how do I truly know
The wisdom that elusively
Stretches before me
And dives exceedingly
deep within me?

Will yet apply his heart to know,
to search, to seek the reason of things.

Realizing that a good name
May be found in
Only one man
Amongst a thousand.

Is a precious ointment
on the day of death.
Linda Conkey Shaw copyright July 9 2010

Wisdom. Why does it elude us so? Why do we think we are wise and find out we have come so short a distance after traveling for so many years? Wisdom is defined as having experience, knowledge and good judgment. Sometimes children seem to have more than adults.

One child who was celebrating his 5th birthday with his grandfather who was celebrating his 50th birthday, said to his grandfather, "Hey we are the same age, because zero's
don't count."
And they don't. And true wisdom helps us know that age is but a number on our journey of eternal life. Experience shapes our lives, but not necessarily the wisdom within us.

Children often surprise us with the wisdom they possess, not because of their knowledge or experience, but because of their lack of experience and knowledge. It amazes me with what they often can say and come up with as it relates to the world of adults. They see life so matter of fact. It is their naivete's, honesty, and limited perspective that brings them the wisdom that so often eludes adults. Untainted by the world "of foolishness", they serve to remind us of what our maturity has forgotten.

Jesus said we should see life as little children. I am often reminded of how much humility and joy comes from a little child. My youngest grandson has a smile that lights up my world. He enjoys life to the fullest. His smiles, laughter, and questions delight me. We were sitting outside (he's 5) and he noticed our lawn chair, and its ability to have its back lowered or raised. He began to look at it from all angles. Finally he said to me,
"Gramma, look see how high this can go? Gramma, look see how low it will go? Look what makes it stay high. See how this works?"
He is observant beyond his years. His wisdom lies in the structure of life. I marvel at how much wisdom he already has in learning to understand how things are put together.

My other grandson need only hear a song and he will sing it and then play it on the piano. I marveled at his piano talent at such a young age. His wisdom lies in the melody of life. Then there is my youngest granddaughter.(18 months) She speaks to us with sign language (and a few words) and manages just fine to maneuver all through her world of discovery. Her wisdom comes through her pure joy of discovery, and the delight of her soul in making all around her smile.

It is my prayer that we will discover that wisdom comes not only from knowledge, experience, and good judgment, but also from the pureness of a new soul that craves life and sees it all anew. I believe that if we can all remember this child-like wisdom of seeing the world through the magic of belief in ourselves, in others, and in all that we experience we might just find some sense of true wisdom and give ourselves "A Good Name".

Words and Phrases

vs 1 -precious ointment - for healing, for comfort, for relaxation, for safety. a good name.
vs 9 anger restest in the bosom of fools.- Be slow to be anger or be foolish in your actions
vs 12 wisdom giveth life - without wisdom there is little life worth living. Wisdom keeps life balanced. Different people have different talents for wisdom.
vs consider the work of God - this alone is wisdom
vs 15 just man perisheth in his righteousness - He who is so sure he is right and is unwilling to change.. He who is not humble enough to admit his faults will cause himself so much grief, that he will perish in his righteousness
Vs 16 neither make thyself overwise - too much of anything is not good
vs 19 Wisdom strengthened the wise - I think of McGuiver (television) He was very wise with all of his knowledge and could always get out of trouble with his knowledge. Knowledge can keep us from trouble and help us fight our battles. The wise know that they need not be physically strong to win a battle. I think of David and Goliath.
vs 20 - not a just man upon the earth - we are all sinners. We all make mistakes even the wise. especially the wise because they believe their wisdom protects them.
vs 24 exceedingly deep who can find it - somethings that we contemplate about wisdom are much too much to comprehend. We must do our best and then let it go. it will come in time. For me it was understanding what love was. I thought it was about saying a few words. Now I know it is so much more. It is doing, saying, living, and breathing for another that you love.
vs 29 God hath made man upright - He wants us to live a good life. Man seeks many different ways to wander from God. But if we want we can have wisdom and walk upright before God.

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