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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Coincidence or Evidence? Helaman 8:24-28

Helaman 8:24-28

Evidences abound. We had one happen just this evening. While attending my daughter's wedding reception our LangugeLady misplaced her car-keys. We searched all through a beautiful yard, in the kitchen, on the deck, through the garbage, but to no avail. They keys were not to be found. We believe they went home with another guest or a child guest mistook them for a toy? But God's love abounds and he just this morning made it so that our LacrosseGuy found an extra key in his golf bag? Coincidence or evidence?

There are many evidences in our lives that help us see his love and protection. We see how he watches over us. We see how he handles circumstances. When a "coincidence" happens I like to play a mental game. I call it Coincidence or Evidence? I weigh it out. I think of the odds that my son would find an extra key today? I think of how something unexpectedly good will come from this situation that God obviously knew would occur.

Nephi understood that there are many evidences that surround us. So many of us choose to ignore them and think of them as happenstance. We don't realize that our lives are orchestrated by angels who live on the other side of the veil. These angels respond to our pleas for help, guidance, and blessings. Still there are those whose eyes are so focused on the worldly pleasures, on the worldly blessings, that they cannot see the spiritual blessings that God sends.
Words and Phrases

vs 24 except ye shall lie - Nephi believed that truth is found in each of us. We cannot deny this truth without lying? To lie to oneself is a sin. The problem is that if you lie to yourself then it is easier to lie to God. When we remove ourselves from nature, from God's creation, from all that he has given us in the way of family, love and relationships, then we blind ourselves to the truths that he has given us as evidences.

vs 25 ye rejected the truth - Why do we reject the truth, because our eyes are fixated on something shinier? more popular, more convenient?
Vs 25 lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven - spiritual truths lead us to spiritual rewards
vs 27 your judge is murdered - yet another sign of Nephi's ability to read the signs and warnings of God. Yet another sign that God speaks to his prophets and tells them of things that will harm those who love him.

vs 28 the evil one who seeketh to destroy the souls of men- Why does he not say the spirits of men? or the bodies of men? Why because we need our spirit and our body to make our soul. If Satan can get to either our spirit or our body and lead us astray he can destroy our soul. Our souls' were meant to be eternal. If we live our lives in such a manner that we keep our souls clean and pure then we can find eternal life.
28 And behold, they both belong to your secret band, whose author is Gadianton and the evil one who seeketh to destroy the souls of men.

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  1. Its like reading the scriptures through your eyes - thanks my daughter.
    Love Dad


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