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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Justice unto the Children of Men Helaman 7: 1-10

Justice: justice |ˈjəstis| just behavior or treatment: a concern for justice, peace and genuine respect for people. the quality of being fair and reasonable:
Just: adjective based on or behaving according to what is morally right and fair
Synonyms: upright, equitable, fair, imparital, legitimate, legal, accurate, exact; honest, merited, appropriate, condign, suited, apt, due.

Who determines what is just? Where do humans get their sense and definition of justice?
From a mother's point of view, justice is very important.
Without justice in a family, a family lacks security.
There are many instances in a young families life where justice is called into question.
"He hit me", "He got more than me", "She's not telling the truth" "Do I have to?" "Why"
When children are born into their families, the society within which they come determines many things that help determine the justice. But even without a community to help determine what is right or wrong, Life itself dictates that all human's require air to breathe, food to eat, clothes, shelter, and emotional companionship. Without these there is not life, or at best no quality of life. When, who, how, where, and what are determined by the society within which we are born. The leaders of this society help set the precedent for others to follow.
This is where Nephi (the son of Helaman) comes in. He understood the importance of teaching laws of equity and justice so that the peace could be maintained. A mother must see to it that she and her family live laws that bring justice. It is by living the laws of justice that she and her husband are able to teach them. This began to disappear in the land. One of the most important thing for justice is that you need strong leaders who can help determine the equity, fairness and balance of judgments.
Words and Phrases

vs1 reign of the judges - the judges purpose was to meet out fair judgment of justice. So when disputes arose there was someone who could determine who had fallen out of balance with the laws and morality of the people.
vs.2 did preached the word of God - the word of God when followed promises justice to all. The word of God helps assure that those who learn to love others will want justice not only for themselves but for those they live with and near.
vs 2 did prophesy many things - When we are living our lives in balance and have justice within our lives then we have peace. When life becomes unbalanced with too much selfishness, pride, etc. then it is not difficult to predict where life will take us. Many of us marvel at those who can tell the future. The future (like all of life) is a cycle. It is dictated by the actions and reactions of people with regards to God's law. When God's law is followed, the society within which it lives has peace. When God's law is not followed, the society within which the unbalance exists can be predicted to follow a certain pathway. It's like having a stream of water that follows the concrete path you give it. If the concrete dike breaks, or shifts from its course, then you can predict many outcomes based on the circumstances of its environment, location, and others etc.
vs 4 having ausurped the power and authority of the land- when a society has justice it is because the leaders of the land have agreed upon certain laws and traditions that makes it so. When this is usurped (upset) then the justice that was set in place is upset.
vs 4 doing no justice unto the children of men - Who does justice? The leaders? The Judges? The parents? One another? As we learn the laws of God, we understand how to accept justice, give justice, and teach justice. Without God's word to act as a balance, men fall quickly into the pitfall of "doing no justice unto the children of men.
vs 5 Without justice men turn unto themselves, a sense of selfishness

1. they vs condem the righteous
2. let the guilty go free
3. bribery
4. rule according to their own wills
5. rule to get gain
6. rule to get the glory of the world
7. Rule according to their own wills. not considering the wills or rights of others. Not considering the needs of others. Within a family.. if this were to occur then the family would cease to exist.
vs 6 in the space of not many years - how long does it take to raise a child up unto himself. to spoil him/her so that they have all that they want and care not for the needs of others. 6 years. The first 6 years of a child's life are the most important for it is in these years they learn the lessons that will stay with them all of their life.
vs 7 joyed with him in the promised land - I believe that Nephi is hoping for a family of man that puts honor, justice and righteousness over and above "getting gain". He is hoping and wishing for a time when he believed men loved each other more than themselves. I understand his lament.

vs 7 slow to do iniquity - slow to forget justice, slow to forget equity, slow to forget fairness and rightness.
vs 8 joy in the righteousness of my brethren. - When brethren choose justice and righteousness, it is shared and felt by all of men. When there is not righteousness there is no sharing of the joy.

vs 10. garden of Nephi - what better place to lament with sorrow for the wickedness of those whom you hold dear and who lead the people of the land you live in. Gardens have often been places of solace and therapy for the soul who has been wounded and hurt. Gardens help us remember the creation of God, his love for men, and how he set up the cycles of earth like unto the cycles of a man's soul.

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  1. Another connection with the real world we live in today, based on the scriptures. Well done Linda.
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