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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Stiffnecked people (Helaman 5: 1-4)

Stiffnecked- Stubborn and arrogant or aloof.
A short post on what it means to be difficult, obstinate, or hardheaded.

If you have ever parented, you know that it helps to take a crash course in psychology before you take off to the delivery room. Children can be difficult when things don't go their way. Spouses don't always want to do what you want when you have time to relax. Family life is never without difficulties and many of these difficulties happen because of a tendency for all of us to be obstinate in one way or another.. (at some time or another).

I don't understand why some people are more hard headed than others? I don't understand why I sometimes act this part? My guess is like it said in the last chapter it has something to do with pride and where we set our heart's desire. I believe there is less stiffneckedness when people make an effort to help one another and teach the value of giving, service, and compassion.

But this was not happening in Zarahemla. Politically speaking the tide was changing and the people began to vote for things that were "evil". Things that lead them away from God.

Words and Phrases

vs. 2 voice of the people - the majority of the people voted for laws and how the laws were implemented. When the laws become corrupt, the people become corrupt. Morality can only be legislated for so far.
We still practice blue laws (the banning of sells on Sunday) here in the low - country. All of the county's in the state of S.C. do not sell liquor on Sunday. When I was growing up you could hardly find any store open on Sunday. People went to church (mostly). In recent years a growing movement to change these laws as been presented several times. Governor Sanford led the way. He was vetoed by the S.C. House and Senate not once but twice (with the exception of the two tourist counties). The voice of the people still votes for blue laws. The voice of the people still hold strong to the values and morals that created this state.
vs 2 they who chose evil were more numerous --- for most of the nation drinking laws are very minimal as alcohol is very much a part of their culture. For the low country, drinking laws have been around for a very long time and are part of the culture. Even though many have tried to change the laws on the books with regards to blue laws, for now... those who choose evil is less...
vs 3 could not be governed by law or justice - I think of the wild west.. of a time when too many things came into our family and our family had difficulties. When family members refused to be counseled. It was a trying time. We have moved past this now.
vs 4 weary because of their iniquity - iniquity wearies the soul. Moral behavior lifts the soul. Sin darkens our desires. Righteousness lifts up our hearts. I understand why Lehi and Nephi gave up their posts and took to teaching the people. It is a good thing to teach God's word. It cleanses the temples we live in. It helps us find balance and hope. It gives us direction and brings peace. It helps to soften the stiff necks of obstinate people who will not be taught a higher way.

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