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Friday, April 8, 2011

A Letter From Mother Eve

A Letter From Mother Eve 

My daughter do you know me? 
Your first mother come from Eden’s garden? 

Born of Adam’s dream
A “help meet” to reach beyond 
the realm of senses and  
explain what reasoning cannot.

I am taken not from “the dust” 
But rather from a rib. Called woman
I was created to marrow bone 
To flesh two lives into one.

While I watched in Eden’s garden,
 There came, of every creation,
 “of their kind”.
I waited for the experience 
That promised you.

My son, do you know me? 
I am caught somewhere between 
the first lie that twisted
faith into reason. 

Yet I heard in Eden an echo
of Heaven’s perfect truth.
And I knew I was meant for more
than the garden’s perfect play. 

 Eden gave all I could ever need.
But from wisdom’s choice 
and from The God’s experience
Comes all that I shall ever love.

Some will blame me for the first fear. 
For as we heard God walk within the garden,
Our conscience awakened and
We felt his feet tread upon our hearts.

 But as I stood tall before God’s love,
As I  accepted my first choice
My love for you became real. 
You became real and
   I showed, the “first faith.” 

For though from the garden we were cast
Your eternal spirit might never have known 
The joy from the "God's experience" 
 that was meant to forever last. 

My daughter do you know me? 
Do you understand that within you 
lies the promise of each new day? 
Hope, anticipation, curiosity, and childlike faith
You, my daughter, are the Eve of every promised tomorrow.   

Linda Conkey Shaw April 8 2011 Copyright


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  2. I liked the concepts of "first faith" and "first fear". I also liked the phrase and idea that Eve was meant for more than the "garden's perfect play."

    I think that often people cannot invision what they were meant for. This is one of the reasons that I have always liked patriarchal blessings-they give us a glimpse of what we were meant for.



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