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Monday, June 7, 2010

These Plates of Brass (1 Nephi 5: 10-22)

1 Nephi 5: 10-22

These plates of brass
I attended a fast and testament meeting that was unusual in that the majority of the testimonies revolved around how the scriptures and in particular the Book of Mormon (these brass plates) had changed their lives. I wrote down several of the comments. As we think about these brass plates, I think we can learn to appreciate all that the Lord had in store for those who follow his spirit (1 Nephi 4) and find learn the dealings of that God (chpt2).

Testimonies witnessed they receive: a daily dose, a testimony of the Bible, true evidence, a greater glimpse, a purpose, a time to reflect, strength, help during turbulent times, gratitude, an anchor, an uplift, faith in the Savior, blessings, the gift of the Holy Ghost, deep insights into our lives, a personal compass, answers to prayers, witness to an unchanging God, miracles, the spiritual way, knowledge, Peace, and communication with God.

(Words and Phrases)

after he gave thanks ..took the records.. did search them. (vs.10) - I give thanks each morning for food, for a safe night, and then as a family we search the scriptures. It's not enough to read the scriptures. I need to search them. I need to look for what I need that day in order to navigate my choices.

I have a theory that if we listen to our body, it will let us know what nutrients we need and we will want to eat certain foods. I think the scriptures are much the same way. If we will read them, the parts that are important to our spiritual nutrition will jump out at us and we can find wholeness. I hope that I can teach my children to not just read the scriptures, but to search them for all that they need to learn.

Herein lies the difference in just feeding a child and teaching a child how to feed themselves. We can take our children to church. We can read to them from God's Holy Word, but if we haven't taught them to search God's word for what they need, have we really taught them to fish?

five books of Moses (vs.11) What are the five books of Moses? I don't know? Something to think about and study later on? What do we know about these books? They contain an account:

1. of the creation (v11)

2. of Adam and Eve (v11)

3. a record of the Jews through to Zedekiah (v12)

4. the prophecies (v13) beginning - Zedekiah?

5. Jeremiah the prophet (v13)

6. a genealogy (v 13)

7. an account of Joseph (son of Jacob) how he was preserved when they were led out of captivity

from the beginning (v12) - this struck me.. could it mean (from the beginning of when the written word began?) Or is it possible that there was another race of men that actually began with the creation? We know from science that man was here long before his written record was. I really don't believe that there is a problem with science and religion. I believe the problem lies in communication of language, and there is much we don't know. It jumped out at me.

he was filled with the spirit (vs. 17) - Lehi read the brass plates and was filled with the spirit. Many people testified yesterday of how they read "the brass plates" and how they were filled with the spirit (see above). Is it possible for me to read the scriptures and be filled with the spirit also?

he began to prophesy (vs. 17).... he told what would become of the plates....Why do we think that we cannot prophesy concerning our own situation? What is revelation if it is not prophesy? When I read, pray and study God's word, I believe he will open our lives unto us and show us the pathways we have chosen. He will help us to see where we are headed good and bad. Here's the catch. Nephi knew what was in the plates as he read them with his father Lehi. Would what he saw come to pass if he had not written about it? We wouldn't know about it. His written word wouldn't have power to sway our thoughts, emotions, and spirits.

It is one thing to prophesy and keep it in your heart. I believe it is much more powerful to prophesy and write it for all the world to see.

He prophesized:

1. Plates should go forth unto all nations.... it’s happening as we speak.

2. to all kindreds, tongues and people of his seed.... (all nationalities genetically connected)

3. never perish...

4. would never be dimmed by time. These words are words of wisdom that guide the soul.

they were desirable... of great worth. (vs. 21) What is of great worth to me? When I think of all the things I own, it is the things that bring me closer to my children that are of great worth and desirable. If there is anything that can do this, I will seek it out.

it was wisdom that we should carry them with us (vs. 22)- I have to wonder how I use wisdom to carry God's word with me each day? I wonder... I can carry God's word with me or be as those in Jerusalem and be carried away? I wonder do I even remember to pick them up some days? What if Lehi had forgotten them? What if he hadn't gone back for them? What if it was all of men? Would all of this have lasted (never to perish)? Would it have dimmed with time?

What of the other great works? How do they dim with time? I listened to a commentary to "To Kill a Mockingbird". This great classic is beginning to waiver in popularity among university professors and students who have begun to say that its message is dated and no longer applies to them. I thought it all a very interesting conversation.

Still... I wonder what determines what we carry with us each day? If we were to backpack, we would be sure to carry with us essential physical food. Spiritually we all need to be reminded and carry with us essential spiritual food so that when life is hard, when we lose our way, when we exhaust ourselves and need encouragement, and when we struggle with decisions, we will have the wisdom within us to help us make choices that will bring comfort, peace and understanding.

I have found that "these plates of brass", although metal and of great weight, lighten my load each day. They lift me up, teach me of an easier way and give me perspective that keeps me forever in the brightness of His love.

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