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Thursday, June 3, 2010

He is mightier than all the earth

1 Nephi 4: 1-11

God is mightier than all the earth. Then why not Laban? And why not any problem we have? Is there a problem that we have that He could not help with? I find great Hope in this statement.

This essential belief is critical to our finding success. Why? Because when we realize that God is mightier than all the earth, yeah He is the creator of the earth, and we realize that when we live His commandments, He lives within us and gives us promise, then we begin to understand who we are. This is key to finding our sense of self-actualization. We are able to attain our goals. We only must learn to keep our desires in check with the Lords.

Phrases and Words

"He is mightier than all the earth" (vs1) A great truth! This states a great hope, and a great way to find help, love, and direction when our problems seem to overshadow us. We must believe this simple statement. When we do, we realize there is no person, no element of nature, and no kingdom on this earth that has greater power than God.

Strong like unto Moses (vs. 2) How strong was Moses? And of what strength did he boast? Moses? Moses was not a physically weak man, but he was not a Samson. He was spiritually strong. His strength came in his obedience and his wisdom from God. I would love to strong like unto Moses.

Spoke unto the Waters (vs2) If man can speak unto the waters and they will respond (like unto Moses), will the other elements of the earth also respond? Does the earth respond to faith? Or does God respond to our faith and then bid the earth obey?

wherefore can ye doubt? (Vs. 3) If I witness a miracle will I ever forget it? If I receive God's love can I ever say I never felt it? Nephi just wants to know, how can his brethren be so stubborn? They just had an angel of God speak to them, how can they deny this?

Again I am taken back to what we desire most? Our desires mark our beliefs. Our desires set the compass of our path. Be careful what you desire, you will most likely get it. And when you do... you will forget all that God has given you. Will I doubt? If I am not strong like unto Moses, if I do not believe that "he is mightier than all the earth".

the Lord is able to deliver us (vs4) - This statement is the epitome of pure faith.

even as our forefathers (vs. 3) We are the sum of all of our family. What our forefathers were shapes us. The Lord delivered Nephi’s forefathers. They were the Hebrews whom Moses set free. These stories have been passed down for many generations and were in his mind when he said this. He recognized that they need not be different. God will deliver them even as he delivered his forefathers from the Egyptians. I have stories in my family history where God delivered my family. I have stories of my own.

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