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Friday, June 18, 2010

Thy Seed

1 Nephi 12

Thy Seed

When I think of seed in the scriptural sense I think of descendants. But just for the sake of argument let me introduce the other meanings of this figurative word.

Seed: a flowering plant's unit of reproduction; a quantity of seed; (figuratively) a cause or latent beginning of a feeling, a process, or a condition; a person's offspring, a man's semen, a seed crystal given to a liquid to act as a nucleus for growth, a stronger competitor in a sports tournament.

Which did the angel refer to when he was speaking to Nephi? Which did Nephi refer to when he was relaying the story of his vision?

In likening this to my own life, how does what I do and what I become affect my seed? Is it all in the genes and we are incapable of overcoming our lot in life? Or are we truly children of God capable of controlling our own destiny by making the right choices and relying on a greater love?

(Words and Phrases)

behold thy seed (Vs. 1) Look at my seed. Not only my children but what I have done with my life. Look at my feelings. Look at the nucleus of my growth. Look at how I compete with those who would do me in. Of course literally the angel is talking about the offspring because he talks about the multitudes of people. But I like how it throws a new meaning when I consider the meaning with deeper introspection. Nephi was of the lineage of Abraham. Abraham was promised that his seed would number "as many as the sand of the sea."

minister unto thy seed (Vs 8) - to minister means to diplomatically convey a message. Hence we have the Department of Ministry (political) or we have as we have seen in these chapters an Angel ministering the will of the Divine.

The term seed or thy seed is used 16 times throughout this chapter. I believe it holds great importance. Not only is Nephi seeing God's plan for man, he is beginning to see how he himself holds a part in this plan. He is beginning to see the importance of his own testimony in regards to this plan. He is beginning to understand why he should teach his children of the Love of God that has manifest itself unto man.

Without the love of God Nephi sees his seed dwindling in unbelief with rumors of wars and great contention. With the Love of God, Nephi sees his seed finding great joy.

Seeds. Something to think about....how our parenting, our own efforts to understand God's truth, our own feelings affect not just our own life, but also that of "thy seed".

As I think about how Nephi learned of how his beliefs affect his own seed, I am reminded of why my father chose to join the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Back when we still had early morning Sunday School, he heard a young girl of nine stand and give a talk. He told me of how he was impressed to know that if God's truth in this church could affect a young person so that they could stand and speak in church at such a young age, he wanted that for his "seed".

I think of how my own children have benefited from the truth of the Gospel in their lives and how different our lives might have been if we had not known God's love. I am truly grateful for the lesson of perspective that the Angel of God gave Nephi in showing him his seed.

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