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Friday, October 29, 2010

A Vessel For Honor (2 Timothy 7-21)

 A Vessel For Honor 

May I Lord 
In my own faith
fill my vessel with 
words that will cause me to 
Stand sanctified 
Prepared for your 
every good word. 

May I Lord 
through word 
What is right, and 
through the power
 of word unto action 
find faith 
learn Love 
practice Peace 
all with a 
pureness of heart, 

That entreats
A gentle teaching 
of patience and 
correctness of word
to those who would 
unknowingly fill 
me with 

May my 
stand cleansed
 of dishonor
spoken  unto 
the will of God. 
Copyright Linda Conkey Shaw October 2010

7 Consider what I say; and the Lord give thee understanding in all things.

 God's words are 
  • not chained (vs 9)
  • beg consideration (vs 7) 
  • bring faithful sayings (vs 11)
  • should not be strived about .. it brings us no profit (vs 14) 
  • used to help us depart from iniquity ( vs 19) 
  •  can be compared to an honorable vessel within the house of God. 
This chapter of Paul's letter to Timothy is really about words. It is our words that honor or dishonor us. It is our words that cause us to consider our faith. It is in our words that we begin to consider a possible action or belief that will lead to the actions of our lives. If you will read this chapter in Timothy with an eye for the power of words in our lives, it will bring new meaning. 

vs 7 .. consider what I say 
vs 9 the word of God is not bound... words of truth will always find a way into our hearts, minds, and lives. You can put a person in prison, you can bind him with untruths, but God's word will never be kept  bound away from others. From the time of Gutenberg God's word has found flight.
vs 11. It is a faithful saying... 
vs 12 if we deny him. ... but how could be deny him if not first with our words and then our actions. 
Paul is trying to help Timothy understand that all actions begin with the power of the word. 
vs 13.  if we believe not... but what is there to believe if not in the word of God first. We must first consider the word of God in order to believe it. 
vs 14. strive not about words to no profit... we should not argue about God's words
vs 15. Study to shew theyself approved.  Study God's words.. Why ? so that we can be not ashamed 
vs 16 shun profane and vain babblings..... more ways that words that are not considered may harm us. 
they will increase our ungodliness. profane and vain babblings are not in keeping with Gods words 
vs 17 word will eat as doth a canker.... what word? profane and vain babbling words. 
vs 18. babblings... i.e. speculations... tend to do more harm than good. 
vs 20... vessels to honor or dishonor.... Paul is beginning to make a metaphorical comparison between those members of God's house that practice honorable words and those that practice dishonorable words.
Like the urns that were used anciently for various purposes within a household some carried good (food) while others carried bad (wastes). 
vs 21  If a man purge himself of these? of what?  Paul is referencing the profane and babbling words of the unclean vessels. 
What must we do to become an honored vessel? We must learn to purge ourself of vain and useless words. We must learn to consider words that will help us sanctify ourselves, and prepare us for service. 
for every good work. 
vs 22 call on the Lord with a pure heart... we call with our words. our words bring us faith charity, peace and righteousness 
vs 23 foolish and unlearned questions? again words.. we need to avoid mysteries. 
vs 24 must not strive... but when we are brought against difficult or foolish questions, we should not get into arguments over them but rather use gentleness, patience, find opportunity to teach correct principles. 


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