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Monday, October 11, 2010

An Angel Just like her (1 Timothy 6:1-2) Do them service

I am six years old and the smell of our Christmas spruce fills up my senses. My eyes peer over the edge of the credenza that my mother has used to place her display of angels on. It has become my favorite place to be, in the living room, alone, gazing at the one tall porcelain angel that stands lovingly over the two dozen other smaller angels. I pick at the white angel hair that mother has used to simulate a cloud. I position it  higher, bunch it closer, and stretch it to reach all the way around my band of angels. 

There are twelve pink angles not much bigger than my thumb. All of them kneel in prayer while their obedient gold wings remain motionless. There are twelve white angels that stand a few inches taller. Each holds within their arms a golden musical instrument that matches their golden wings. I take all of the angels and arrange them around their "mother" angel who stands some twelve inches high and makes her presence known with her serene smile.

I imagine how she instructs the pink angels to pray. Who to pray for, what to pray for, and how to make sure that their prayers are heard. Then she must set the mood with heavenly music and makes sure that my other angels play their music with elegant perfection. I wonder how she knows who needs help? Her long slender arms reach out across the cloud of her little angels with grace. Her eyes seem to approve of their prayers and music.  

In my little world, I dream of becoming an angel just like her. 

Last week I helped my mother unwrap a box of Christmas Ornaments. She was sorting through them in order to save some for family and give others to the Good Will. We came across the tall angel of my childhood. 

"Oh, Mom. My angel. I remember my angel. But look her wings have broken off. And her hands are gone. What happened to her hands?" 

My Mother replied that I might take some angle cloud and drape it over her arms. I might be able to hide the missing hands. She was sure that her wings would glue back on without a problem. 

I brushed off the dust that clung to the creases of her dress. I wiped dirt from her face. 

"Oh no,." I said. "I like her just the way she is."

Seeing her this way reminds me that I too can be her angel. I can let my hands be her hands and together we can work to help those sisters of mine who are in need. She is not broken. She is as God intended her to be, a reminder of how we all have to do our part to work together, lightening one another's yoke of burden, learning to serve one another. 

Words and Phrases 

vs 1 servants under the yoke - when we have a task to do and we don't want to do it, it is considered that we are "under the yoke". A yoke is what the oxen wear when they are bound together. It is placed on their shoulders and helps to keep them together as they pull a cart. 
vs. 1  count their masters worthy of honor - when we consider who it is that asks work of us, we should honor them and respect them. This serves to not only change our hearts, but also serves to add honor to our being believers of God's word. 

vs. 2 believing masters - when we have masters who also are of our faith. (boss, owner(if slave), leaders, family patriarch, basically anyone who requires work from us, let us not despise them thinking that they should lighten our burden because we "brethren of the same faith", but rather we should serve them with faith 
vs. 2 do them service. - give of ourselves to those in need. Give of our hearts and of our means that we might build up the faith of the beloved. 

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