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Monday, October 4, 2010

Neglect not the gift 1 Timothy 4: 14-16

Gifts! They come in every form, shape, size, value, and ability. Gifts... they are only worthwhile when we accept them, unwrap them and then use them. They are only of value to us when we learn to value them. 

Gifts come to us because of celebrations, inheritance, position, choice or hard work.  No matter why we have the gift, we must learn to keep it honed and ready for service. 

Of all the gifts that we could receive, the Holy Ghost stands as the greatest. For with the gift of the Holy Ghost all of our other gifts become endowed and blessed by God's love and wisdom.

Paul cautions Timothy to not forget that the Holy Ghost is a great blessing for one who is called to serve as Timothy has been.   It can be a great blessing to all who remember to honor it and sustain it's place in our quest for godliness. 

As I contemplated the writing of this post, I thought about the gift (talents really) of music, mathematics, art, education, sports, etc. that each of us have. I thought it might be possible to write about how I have been guilty of neglecting the gifts that God has given me.  I have heard this scripture referenced many times in relation to talent and this stuck with me. 

But as I let God's spirit lead me, as I listened, I learned wisdom. Paul is speaking about  the Holy Ghost and how it is meant to guide, protect, comfort, teach and testify to us. When we ignore the Holy Ghost it looses its ability to share with us the joy of God's love. 

How do we nurture the gift of the Holy Ghost?
We meditate (we be.... still, ponder, contemplate, consider listen)
give ourselves wholly to it (allow it to guide our thoughts and actions) 
that all might profit  (when we work with the H.G. we serve, teach, and uplift one another)

How do we neglect it? many  ways., but mostly we forget to meditate and listen. We allow things to noise out  the tuning frequency of the Holy Ghost. Each generation has its own devices that steal the messages of the Holy Spirit from our hearts. This generation must deal with texting, computer, gaming, telephones, television, radio, Ipods, tweets, cell phones, etc. 

Elder Bednair taught of the sacred nature of the Holy Ghost today in this mornings conference. He said that Holy Ghost's mission is to guide us in wisdom's path and that when we receive it (neglect it not) we have the 
1. blessing of having Christ's spirit with us 
2. companionship 
3. light and knowledge 
4. help us to always remember Heavenly Father and his son 
5. the ability to communicate 

I believe that each of us has the right to this beautiful gift. We each have the ability to learn how to recognize the Holy Ghost, use it to bless our lives and others, and find growth and joy because of it. 

This gift is the greatest gift we could ever receive. It will bring all other gifts to our awareness

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