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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Genesis 6:5 Into My Garden

Into My Garden

I pinch and pick  
that sprout small.

I plow and pull 
that towers tall.

I tug on
errant seed
that wraps itself
around the heart
of my perennial joy.

I fight evil
Of continuous lost ground

Spew their 
violent soil
into the heart 
of my garden.

Spattered by mud
I rip at roots
that fill my earth
and corrupt my garden way

Then with aching knees
I stand.
I resolve. 
I wipe my soiled brow.

Genesis 6:5 And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth. and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. 

It is a dark thing to think about a world where all of our imaginations are evil always. Where good has no ground. Where love cannot be found. Where man has chosen wickedness over wisdom's path.

Weeds come seasonly. Here they came in full abundance after our drought ended. Weeds must have a constant combatant. They must be either prevented by routine habits of wise choice or they must be continually fought.  Which is easier? To prevent them through good habits or by constantly fighting them. Which has the greatest beauty and brings the greatest peace.

As I read and thought about the earth prior to the flood, I was taken by the usage of the word violence. It appears to me that there is a connection between our imagination and the amount of violence we encounter.
Imaginations can be good and bad. But evil imaginations lead to the the thoughts of the heart becoming evil, continually. It is a sad day when hobbies, pastimes, and other "jobs" cause us to have every imagination of our heart turn from the wisdom of God's love.
God promised that he would never again flood the earth and kill all of the life that he created. This however does not mean that we cannot reach the level of wickedness that was prevalent prior to the flood.

I am so grateful to God's plan that shows me to see the beauty of my garden. To hope for the strength of my flowers and all of their blossoms. I am grateful to the scriptures that lead my heart to find happiness in all of God's truths.
I realize this poem was dark. But it is so so that we might understand the darkness of our "flesh" that would lead us continually away from God's wisdom and love.

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