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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Book From Heaven ! Nephi 1:10-20

A Book From Heaven

As I read my scriptures this morning I wondered what a book from heaven would be like. The world has always valued books for the wisdom and the experience they present to those who could decipher them. Why didn’t I say read? Because reading is much more than pronouncing a word. Words hold priceless interpretations. They are symbols of our language, but they are not our language. Language is who we are, how we are and how we express ourselves. Words are just one way of expression.

What makes a book magical is that the reader can interpret the words according to their own understanding. Like a river that is constantly flowing and yet ever changing, when you go back to a favorite passage the words are the same and yet different. An old adage reads that you can never put your hand in the same river twice. Books are like this. It is not the water that changes, we change. Our perspective carries us along the time line of life and we see things differently. We find new understanding.

Heaven holds its own language and words. I wonder what a book from heaven would say? With all of the millions of books on the earth today, would I take time to read a book from heaven? The printing press was first invented by Gutenburg around 1440. This only magnified our ability to get the written word to the masses. Books nor stories were not new. The first known written story is the Gilgamesh 2700 and tells the story of a great flood. Stories about man’s life abound aplenty, but what would the Gods tell us?

Lehi discovered some of this in his dream. He learned that words from heaven settle bitterly in the belly but leave a taste as sweet as honey upon the lips.

Phrases and Words
(these are my comments on phrases of words that jump out at me)

they came down (vs11) Who came down? The thirteen. The one who shown brightly and the twelve that followed. Why did they come down? They came down because we cannot go up. If you have ever climbed a mountain or accomplished a task of great merit, you understand this. Taking it to the most basic form you could imagine a parent with a crawling child. The child is unable to walk, stand or climb. If a parent wants to speak to the child they must “come down” The day will come when he child will be able to stand, walk and climb but until that time, those who are able, (those who shine) must come down to us that cannot.

gave unto him a book (vs11) he was filled with the Spirit of the Lord. (vs12) Again I am drawn to contemplate the thousands and maybe millions of books that have or ever will be written. Do they fill me with the spirit of the Lord? Some do? What must a book say that would fill me with the spirit of the Lord? What language must it be written in? Will it comfort me? instruct me? define me? teach me? offend me? warn me? Who wrote the book? If I am offended what does it say about me? If i am comforted ? Can I understand it? If not what do I do? The book does not change, like the river of water, I must change so that I let its wetness quench my thirst, let its energy liven my soul.

carried away (vs13) How are we carried away captive into Babylon? This book told Lehi about those that he prayed for. It answered his prayers. It told how their actions would lead them away from the peace that God would have them enjoy. It would carry them away? I wondered about how easy it is for us to allow ourselves to be carried away into a video game, a movie, a jealousy, anger, or even after something that seemingly appears to be a good desire? If it does not bring us closer to our God’s love for us, then it will carry us away... I wonder what I can do to draw closer to my God and not allow myself to be carried away?

read and seen (vs14) We see many things that are first written. It is called television, movies, videos. internet. The mind has its own video clip. I marveled that Lehi both read and saw.
Power +goodness + mercy = God (vs 14) I read this as a parent. I saw the infinite love and recognized how God’s love for us is manifested in His power (he will protect us) ,, his goodness (he will give us every good thing) and his mercy (he forgives us our shortcomings) As a parent I want to be like this. Too many parents subjugate their power to their children. When children are given power they are not able to handle it causes great problems. I am grateful to know that God has all power and will use it to bless my life, if I will but love him.

Praising of his God (vs 15) How do I praise my God? When I consider all that I have and all that he has given me, how do I rejoice? Is my whole heart filled and does it move me to action to share this love?
because of the thing which he had seen (vs15) - we see many things every day. We see God’s creations all around us. I marvel at the bird song, the beauty of a flower, and yet this is not what Lehi saw? Or is it? We are wanton to see many things in our life, but will we want to see that “which the Lord” will show us? I am reminded of Aaron in the Bible and how all the Israelites has to do to live was to look upon the Rod of Aaron. Look and live. But many refused to because they had not cast their eyes upon all that the Lord had made and was it too bright for them?

account of mine own life. (vs 17) I have to wonder if we will write an account of our own life? Writing causes us to think about our actions. The prophets have all counseled us to write a journal. Why? Because it makes us “account” for our “own life”. I hope that my writing will help me account for my thoughts, my deeds and my actions.

he testified (vs 19) I wonder how different this story would have been if Lehi had kept it all to himself? Of one thing I am sure, the beauty of God’s words and works were never meant to be harbored selfishly. This in itself seems an oxymoron. The beauty of God’s word were meant to be proclaimed like a bird song atop the trees each and every morning of our lives. Lehi did this, he testified. Why did they become angry?

abominations (vs19)- Whit exeklie iz am abomination? Hew di wa menege to sii whin wi ere wreng? Abominations are merely being wrong. a typo, a misprint, but they are purposefully done with malice. They are selfish for they draw us away from the message that God sends. They mislead. They carry us away and we miss the lessons of God.

ANGER(vs 20) Anger = cast out When we are angry with something we lose patience. First we cast it out. Then we may beat it or stone it. And if our anger remains unchecked we may slay it. Anger is not of God. God brings us mercy when we err. Anger casts us out.

tender mercies (vs 20) I first heard this word from our Stake Presidents wife. She talked about the tender mercies of the Lord in her life. Tender mercies come from God to those who have faith. He uses this faith to help them have enough self esteem, enough self will to find the energy to free themselves from that which binds them and promises to carry them away. Lehi and Nephi were given tender mercies that kept them from being carried away into Babylon. What tender mercies has the Lord given me that keeps me standing strong in my faith and helps me find strength of my own? I with the faith of the Lord can find my own deliverance.

I have been told that there are volumns of books in heaven. Volumes? If this is the case then I want to carefully select all that I read and make sure it is written with a spirit that will not carry me away but will show me God's tender mercies.
I want to understand these tender mercies and see for myself the brillance of all of God's works. If after all God will take the time to "come down" can I not make time to see and hear and taste of His Love.

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