“The way a book is read — which is to say, the qualities a reader brings to a book — can have as much to do with its worth as anything the author puts into it…. Anyone who can read can learn how to read deeply and thus live more fully.”
~Norman Cousins

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Monday, May 24, 2010


I call this blog.. "In My days", a scriptural journey through the scriptures. I recently read the scriptures and found a new joy and strength that comes from them. I want to share these strengths with those who care to hear. I want to have the opportunity to share the scriptures from my point of view. Hopefully others will benefit.
I remember the first time I read the scriptures. The Bible lost me in its archaic language. I don't, however believe that we should change the words to help us understand, we should rather change ourselves. The spirit of the Lord works within us and helps us see the hidden meanings. The spirt of the Lord helps open our eyes and our hearts so that we might hear and know the Lord's word as it pertains to our lives.
These insights are my insights. The scriptures were meant to be likened unto ourselves "1 Nephi 19:23". This just means that when we read them, we are to ask, how does that fit into my life? or, How could I see myself? Or where in this verse could I put my life? By doing this we are able to really internalize the words of wisdom and see how they can truly help guide us in our path of life.
If I say something that inspires or helps you, I hope that you will comment. If I say something that you disagree with please feel free to comment, but do so kindly. These words are written out of "goodly intent". You don't have to believe them, but you don't need to argue them either. These words represent my views as I travel on my journey in life. You are free to choose as you believe, as I am free to believe as I believe.
It is my hope that they will be a strength to someone. I will begin with the Book of Mormon. It is Another Testament of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I will move next to the Old and then New Testament. and finally through to the Doctrine and Covenants. I will cover some chapters one at a time, and other chapters will take longer. I will use all four sets of scriptures as references.

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