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Monday, September 2, 2013

2 Nephi 4: 15-35 Testimony..."the things of my soul"

Today is the first day of the month. But more importantly it is the first Sunday of the month. It is a day for shared testimony. I love this type of service because it elicits honesty of heart and because you can never prepare yourself for the tender moments of honesty or the sweet words of babes.

I love when favorite scripture is shared, but I especially love when stories of miracles given and blessings received are told. It helps me understand that everyone has problems but that God has room for all of our worries. God's love shows itself not only in the scriptures but also in our lives. It reminds me to remember "that God will give liberally to him that asketh." (vs 35)
Nephi endured much trial by his brothers, but
this did not stop him from admonishing them and then
bearing testimony to them of the power and goodness of God. 

Nephi's life had it's share of difficulties, but he knew the power of testimony, of sharing his soul and of the healing that scriptures bring. In verse 15 he told how he wrote the "things of his soul" as well as many of the sacred scriptures.  He understood how the scriptures bring us great moments of learning that help to profit our souls. " For my soul delighteth in the scriptures, and my heart pondereth them, and writeth them for the learning and the profit of my children."

Today my soul "profitted" while I listened to how God's love had changed lives, and how prayer had changed hearts. I listened to young eight year old children share without prompting the feelings of their heart.
As I pondered what I heard today, I realized that this is why I too can say like Nephi did, that "my soul delighteth in the things of the Lord." For as you listen to the testimonies of those who share the "things of the Lord" in their lives it moves upon your heart to "pondereth continually upon the things" which you hear.
I might have added my own testimony today but time ran out. But I too could have added the "things of the Lord," that I have both "seen and heard".  At times when I consider all that I have to be grateful for, I too might not imagine how I could be worthy to receive the blessings that come down upon me, for temptations also "encompass" me and sometimes I falter.

As I read these verses this afternoon, I felt as if Nephi could have been standing at the pulpit bearing his testimony for all he had to be grateful for.

  • God's support vs 20 
  • God's guidance through the wilderness v.20
  • God's preservation upon the water v.20
  • God's love that fills him v.20
  • the confounding of his enemies v.20
  • God's listening ear by day 
  • Knowledge through vision by night 
  • ministering angles 
  • vision
And after he extolled his gratitude he finished with what he was in need of, what he would ask for:

  • redemption 
  • deliverance 
  • to shake at the appearance of evil
  • broken heart and contrite spirit 
  • robe of righteousness 
  • straight path 
  • trust in the Lord 
  • a voice that will forever ascend up unto God 
At the end of our meeting, I was sad that I had not born my testimony. My day would have been stronger and more surer if I had chosen differently, for testimonies strengthen with each sharing. The flame of a testimonie grows with each fire it kindles. 

I believe Nephi knew this and that is why he chose to share this on the brass plates. Like the testimonies that I heard today that helped remind me of my own frailties and shortcomings with the Lord, Nephi's testimony taught us that God's love for us grows as we ponder our blessings and then learn to ask for all that God wants to share with us. 

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