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Monday, September 24, 2012

"Grace and Truth" 2 Nephi 2:3-30

Grace and Truth
(Because men are that they might have joy)

And ye are saved

Because the way is made ready from the fall of man
Because to the meek,  salvation is free
Because He offereth himself for sin
Because He intercedes for all the children of men

Because by the law men are cut off from heaven
Because it is promised to be fulfilled
Because not one jot nor one tittle shall pass away
Because of the power of the law we've been given

And ye are saved

Because He layeth down his life, according to the flesh
Because He taketh it up again
Because He was the first to rise
Because He adds strength to our weakness

Because men are instructed to their flaw
Because no flesh can dwell before God
Because men know good from evil
Because He alone answers the ends of the law

And ye are saved

Because in the service of thy God shall thy days be spent
Because you have knowledge and believe in Him
Because of the power of His merciful Spirit
Because He carries your woe of discontent

Because by the spiritual law they perish from that which is good
Because the spirit is the same yesterday and forever
Because he cometh to bring salvation unto men
Because thou hast tried the law and done all that you could

And ye are saved

Because without goodness thou art forever in misery   
Because thou hast learned how to act -not be acted upon
Because He is the first fruit unto God
Because of the righteousness of His mercy

Because thou hopes for things that are not seen
Because thou hast a contrite spirit 
Because redemption comes through the Holy One
Because through righteousness his love reigns 

C Linda C.Shaw 2012 

Lehi teaches Jacob about Grace and Truth. If you look carefully from verse 6 when Lehi tells him the Jesus Christ is full of grace and truth you can see how Lehi then goes on to explain the Grace and Truth that comes from Jesus Christ. 

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