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Thursday, September 16, 2010

no cause for unbelief (Helaman 14: 20-39)

"No cause for unbelief "

Life doesn't always turn out the way we would like.

We work hard to build lives that offer financial success. But the financial world is, like the relatively new science of economics describes as unstable as the human psyche that created it.

We work hard to build lives that bring physical stability. But like the flowers that bloom and then fade away in the afternoon sun, our bodies turn tide against us.

We work hard to build lives that bring social security. But friends that we network with change, families move away, jobs end and the politics that frame our standards and laws ebb and swell with the changing mood of the masses.

So where do we go to build an infrastructure of sureness? To whom do we turn?

In my life I have had many miracles. I have had many reasons that I could say "I have no cause for unbelief." With an unseen hand my God has directed my paths and the paths of my children. He has loved me and given me great reason for rejoicing.

As I thought of these verses I realized I could not think of one instance or one occurrence that spoke louder than another. Instead I have had many that have helped my faith wax strong. As I have dipped my candle into the words, the counsel and the direction of wisdom's call, my inner candle of faith has waxed stronger.

I have never felt the earth move under my feet or know the fear of walls falling around me, but I have the structure of my life pulled out from under me more than once only to find that my faith has steadied me.

I have never felt the wind of a tempest blow me down or watch it carry away every earthly possession, but I have had angry and bitter winds of corporate jealousy, greed, and competition threaten to destroy all that my family represented, only to find that I was carried by God's love through a storm so fierce that I would not have survived without Him.

I have never seen an angry volcano explode and spew hot lava or ash over my world, but I have known the fear that angry words bring, the aftermath of angry emotions, and the peace that forgiveness forges as well as the fertile soil that comes from understanding.

I have never seen a mountain laid low or a hurricane blow its mighty wrath upon the land, but I have seen the hand of God as it steered my life on a course that would make it possible to heal my child's birth defects in such a way that she would not only be able to live a normal life, but would do so with grace and most importantly without a sense of victimization.

My trials are not over. Life isn't something we orchestrate as you would a physical structure. It is much more fragile. Life requires faith in energy that lives within the materials we use to build the structure. The elemental source of life itself.
We call Him God. He is the one that keeps the rocks from falling on us during a catastrophe (either physical or spiritual). He is the one who loves us beyond our greatest comprehension. All he requires is that we understand... we "have no cause for unbelief."

Words and Phrases

vs 20 in that day... From the time Christ dies there begins a time of 3 days where there is no light. This could have been because of an eclipse, or a volcano explosion which would block the light from the sky, or ???
vs 25 graves shall be opened - a first resurrection for those who died before the Savior.
vs 27 a darkness - for three days. This darkness was like no other. The closest I could think of would be like going into a cave and turning out your flashlight.
vs 28 to the intent - might believe.. to the intent no cause for unbelief. So in other words.. those that believe will have great cause to believe... so great will be the signs and wonders that will be predicted and known beforehand.. and also the miracles of those who will be saved because of their faith and obedience..

vs 29 a righteous judgement - those who will not believe will be judge according to just judgments.
vs 30 perishes unto himself - those who do not believe .. believe in themselves. and therefor they will perish unto himself. There is not reward in not believing in the Savior Jesus Christ. You are alone. You have no community, no help, no truth.

vs 31..choose life or death - this is not about a physical life, but rather a spiritual life. When we choose eternal life, we gain an understanding of what it means to live. All of the physical turmoil around us cannot distract us from our faith in Christ.
We have no reason.. no cause for unbelief.

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