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~Norman Cousins

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

A poem for visiting teaching friendships. 


I didn’t know
When I met you
That my heart would break
And I would need you
To walk with me
Until I couldn’t think of
Anything more to say
But God knew

I didn’t know
When I learned of your
Troubles and your heartache
How to love you
So I just pedaled close behind
And learned to listen
The way you taught me to
And say yes
To your smile
And return your hugs
And soon I knew that
God knew.

I didn’t know
How to reach out
And find the joy in
Helping another like us
But you walked with me
Until we both found our own strength
And then we knew
God walked with us.

And now when I think
Of the first time
I saw you
On the back row
Or in the library, hiding
I remember how I
Didn’t know
I was broken
And how you
Had the time
And the love
For me
But God knew.

And for all I didn’t know
I’m glad  I did know
That God knew.

Linda Conkey Shaw Copyright 2-19-2012

1 comment:

  1. "God knew." Indeed he does. It's beautiful. Thank you.


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