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Friday, June 17, 2011

Genesis 6:9 Walking with God

Walking With God

What would it be like 
To walk with God?
To charge my feet, 
On sacred sod. 

To hear spiritual joys 
That forever teach?
To talent truth,
Just within my reach?

To learn as Adam did,
Midst God’s intelligence,
Dancing daily with beauty’s tune,
Orchestrating Eden’s bloom.

Or lead as Enoch did,
A city toward pure holiness,
Lifting testimony toward light
Giving hope, promise, dressings of white.

To lift as Noah did
His, the last faithful family
Perfectly up in a gopher-wood ark
Away from doomed skies, growing dark.

To recognize as prophets do
the difference between 
Chance's wicked choice, 
And a wisdom’s peaceful voice?

To respect as angels do,
How the strength of  faith, 
The balance of fear
Brings love's protection near.

I hope to be: 

Walking with the great, “I Am”  
Being known, as his people, all my days.
Walking with my father’s God,
Finding the prosperity of his ways.

I dream to be: 

Walking with my Lord, my God,
Learning that perfection is a verb.
Walking with Elohem
Increasing my faith through 
my actions, upon his word.
 L. C. Shaw June 17, 2011

It intrigued me for days, the thought of Noah and Adam walking with God? As I thought deeply about it, I realized that Adam, Enoch and Noah had more the the ability to meditate well, they had a spiritual connection that enlightened their souls. But more importantly God really did walk with them and teach them. They asked and God imparted to them a measure of his spiritual knowledge that would help them with the problems they struggled with. 

Other prophets walked with God: Abraham, Nephi, John the Baptist to name a few. 
I realize that these men were prophets and we could not hope to receive the same level of inspiration they received for the Lord's Holy Order, but we can receive our own revelation for problems we face. 

As I contemplated Noah's day I realized a few things: Noah's family was the last of his kind. Was this why God had grace for him? We are told the world had become a wicked place and that God's spirit would refuse to strive with man in his flesh state. Prior to the flood the Lord cut man's time to 120 years upon the earth. Is it plausible to make a connection between the lack of family life and the amount of wickedness upon the earth? If Noah's family of 5 was all that were righteous enough to be saved from the flood, where were the other children? Were there children? If there were no children (I'm only suggesting that there was not) what does this say about the state of the family in years prior to the flood? 

Wickedness is a word that we often associate with very negative connotations. If wisdom is walking in the paths of the Lord, then I propose that wickedness is nothing more than not walking in his paths. So when we make an unwise choice of how best to care for the responsibilities that God has en-cared us with, are we then being wicked? Yes. It is something to ponder. No one wants to be wicked. And just as there are stages of righteousness there are stages of being wicked, or unrighteous. 

Also. When we look at obedience in light of "walking with God" as opposed to walking alone, it is much easier to make a wise choice. 

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