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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Genesis 23: Sarah's Journey

Sarah's Journey
This chapter ends the journey of Sarah of Ur of Chaldea. Her story was one of migration. Like Sarah I have traveled around the country for family and job related reasons. This is the story of man. In doing my family research I have discovered that the need to explore and make a place for oneself on this earth is an inherent part of being human. Migration also occurs out of necessity for food, protection, shelter, but whatever the reason it has marked man's existence on this earth. In traveling on our physical journey we are often blessed with spiritual lessons. The Lord helps us face new challenges, learn new skills, understand different cultures, and overcome self made barriers.

I wanted to make this post so to make us aware of where Sarah's journey had taken her.

Beehive houses in Haran 
  • 11:28 (land of nativity) 
  • 11:31 - in Ur of Chaldea
  • 12:4 - leaves Haran 
  • 12:5 Canaan 
  • 12:7 Canaan land promised 
  • 12:8 Alter #1 Bethel on West Haran on East 
  • 12:10 South to Egypt 
  • 13:1 south from Egypt 
  • 13:3 Bethel Alter #1 
  • 13:12 Land of Canaan ( East West South North) all of the land is promised 
  • 13:18 Palin of Mamre (Hebron) Alter # 2 
  • 17:15 She changes her name from Sarai to Sarah
  • 18:1, 10 Plains of Mamre 
  • 20:1 Kadesh, Shur, Gerar 
  • 20:15 Gerar 
  • 22:2 Land of Moriah (Abraham) goes without her 
  • 24 :2 Kirjatharba - Hebron 

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