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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Erin's Pie In The Sky

Erin’s Pie in the Sky

The day started
With a deluge as
Water poured from the sky.

Deep from the night it began
And it ran and ran 
Down our streets and
Into our porch.
On into the late afternoon
It swam,
Filling our apartment and our hearts
With a soggy hope of deliverance.

But a thoughtful daughter
With a frame of beauty
Found in the kitchen
A place of refuge where
Damp doubt could not reach.

She took task and
Measured and cut
Butter into peas
Until she had transformed
Gloomy skies
Into a tartlet of shinny 
Round criss-crossed comfort.

That at the end of the day
Warmed all of our tummies
And our hearts
With the idea
That rain may wash
Through our hopes and our dreams

Or if we choose
It can wash away troubles
And renew us.

Like her flour and summer fruit
That turned us, all tart and sour
Into a circle of laughing,
yummy peach pie,
That smiled until
The clouds flew away
Like a flock of

Linda Conkey Shaw July 28 2011

The summer has been filled with family, fun, hot sunshine, and moments when all seemed lost. But alas there is the role of family and how we can rely on someone to help us see what we will not. 
We were vacationing in a beach house when the "tropical" rainstorm managed to dump 8 inches of rain upon our island town. Electrical wires fell, water rose, roads were closed and eventually we were evicted from our rental because of sewer backups. 
We held it together and took the opportunity to ride our bikes in the rain, help Sam's lifeguard class find joy in the a battery powered radio, and soon after the sun came out (about 3) we were able to relocate our posse. And when we did we had such a wonderful 
pie to warm us. 
Thanks to Erin's culinary skills. 
Today marks her graduation from school and her movement on to new pathways. 
With love from Mom. 

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  1. I love this. Fabulous poem. This might be my favorite one you've done!


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