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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Genesis 2: 15-25 Drawn from the Dust

           Drawn from the Dust 

Oh, Naked man drawn from the dust,
What purpose in Eden's garden did God to you entrust? 
Who is your help mete that should ease your loneliness?
And from whence did God draw her life to give you loves caress? 

Oh, Naked man drawn from the dust,
What purpose in Eden's garden did God to you entrust? 
          To dress it? To keep it? To feed upon the nector of God's pure seed?
How then did the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil fulfill your every need?

Was the spiritual death that the children of your children have come to know,
The opposition you needed to help your garden grow?  
And who told you the call of beasts that came up from God's ground?
If your help mete that came from within you had called
Would you have heard her sound? 

As you sat alone and called each of God's earthly beasts by name, 
From what tongue was it that your family of language came? 
Why did God wait for you to claim power of their name,
Before your help mete was taken out of you? Was it to tame? 

And why do you believe that woman, who is of your bone and of your flesh
Has come to distract you from God's holiness?  
Who is this help mete that should plead for your loneliness?
And from whence did God draw her life to give you loves caress? 

Oh, naked man drawn from the dust, 
What purpose in Eden's Garden did God to you entrust? 

copyright March 12, 2011 Linda Conkey Shaw

There is a deep relationship between God's garden and man. Each are dependent upon one another for purpose. The garden depends on man to keep it and to dress it (feed, fertilize and clean). Man depends on the garden to keep(protect and watch over)  and dress (feed and clean) him.

What is the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil? A metaphor for man's sexuality?
What is knowledge? Do we ever know something without experiencing it? Who has the greatest knowledge? One who has read about something or one who has lived it?

Notice how many times the reference to Adam's being alone is mentioned? Is it significant that Adam's need for a help mete  is mentioned just before he is gain power over the creatures of the earth by naming them? Or just after the edict to not eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil?

Is it significant that Woman did not help Man name the creatures? And later she will be called the Mother of all living? Is there a distinction here in their roles?

More Questions:

  • What is the connection between Adam being able to eat of the every fruit for the body but not being allowed the fruit of morality?
  • Is it important that God did not want him to know of right and wrong before he had a Woman to be a help mete?
  • What would have happened if Adam had eaten of the fruit before Eve had come to keep him from being lonely?
  • Would it have been possible for him to eat of the fruit of knowledge of good and evil without her?
  • Was Eve important to God's plan? How important? Who was Eve before the fall? Just a part of Adam? Why did God choose to connect the Man and the Woman's body and yet they have seperate roles?
  • How long was Adam alone before the Woman was created?
  • Did the creatures that came from the ground come as male and female or was the female also taken from the males ribs?

It is a side note that men actually do have one rib less than the woman? Do male mammals follow this same trait?
Was it Adam's right or left rib that was taken?

Why didn't God just create another person out of the dust? After all... the beasts came from the ground? Why did the woman come from man and not from the ground?

Adam was an archangel come down to dress the Garden of Eden and to enact God's Plan of Salvation.
Who was Eve? If Adam was to have dominion over all of the beasts (he named them) then who was Eve to have dominion over? Why is it significant that she did not come from the ground as Adam and beasts did?

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