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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Geneses 1: Life

 The Creation of Me 

When I was void 
and darkness fell 
upon the face 
of my deep 

God moved 
His spirit 
my waters. 

When my darkness 
blinded me 
God said, 
"Be light." 
And I knew both 
day and night. 

When my waters flowed 
without form, 
And my spirit 
drowned in the chemistry 
of my existence, 

God came into the midst
of my waters, 
dividing them with His heaven.  

When my seas swarmed within me,
God called my waters to one place
that I might bring forth 
my earth seed. 

When my earth seed knew no direction
God put lights into my heaven 
to give sign and season 
that they, that I
might follow 
His greater light.

When my waters whaled and 
my earth beasted,
God blessed them 
to bring forth 
that they, that I 
might soar in flight 
and swim with delight. 

And God blessed me with life 
that rose from within me
creations to call my own
beasts and creeping things
after my own kind. 

And when God saw 
that I needed subduing 
God said, "I will give 
you...... My own likeness 
in Mine own image that 
My life, My choice, 
My creations 
might give
 you life.  

And at last 
I knew 

Linda Conkey Shaw copyright Dec 15 2010

I'm still in the creation within Genesis. I can't seem to want to leave it. Metaphorically its so beautiful and it leads me into deeper contemplations.

Life is a journey. Sometimes when we travel we find ourselves lingering longer at destinations that inspire us.

Genesis has surprised me. I did not believe when I came here that It would inspire me so, nor that I could find such truths.

I always felt it to be a view on history. I suppose that what the adversary wants me to believe - that it is just a story - or even a myth passed on, watered down from generation to generation.

But when you read the passages they jump out to touch your soul. They find place within me. My soul recognizes the truth and a reverberation of internal perspective begins a new.

What I realized this week was that Genesis is not only a blueprint for creation but also for family, for our lives, for each one of our journeys.

Day                                      Name                      Purpose 

1                                 Day & Night                     brings us water/ spirit/ light
2                                    Heaven                            brings us air/
3                               Earth                                      land to stand on foundation for earthseed
4                               Greater Light/ LesserLight        rules.. .lights for direction instruction
5                                Whales life after its kind            water seed
6                                 creeping things/ Man                dominion rules over creatures

Some points to Ponder

  • Light came from the spirit of God as it moved upon the waters 
  • When you create something in order to bring it to life, it must be named. 
  • God created... God moved upon the face of hte waters. God said.. "light". God divided the light. God made a firmament. God divided the waters. God Gathered the waters. God is a very important part in the creation of life. When our life is dark.. we must let God in so that we can redefine our life. 
  • vs 1 heaven and earth are made up of deep and waters. 
  • before there could be light, there was heaven
  • light divides the darkness upon the deep waters 
  • Divisions.. the creation was a series of division. 1. Day 1 night and day when God divided the deep waters with light 
    • 2. Day 2 HeavenWhen god divides the waters and creates the heavens where the gases (air) resides 
    • 3 Day 3 Division of LIfe when God divides the seas to call forth dry land and have life (earthseed) come forth both  the land. 
    • 4 Day 4 Lights are divided ... Although light first divided the waters and helped to created day and night, light itself is not divided until the Day 4.
    • 5 Day 5 Divisions of the waters.. waters are divided into life forms that both swim and fly
    • 6 Day 6 Division of earth into life forms that creep, move upon the land. 
    • Man is not a product of the earth's creation like all of the other life .. Man was created separately
    •  to bring dominion to the earth and her creations. Man was created in God's image.
  • Water contains the spirit of God.. a bit of stretch but consider the creation w/o water.. Water also contains light or (intelligence). 
  • land - earthseed (grass/ wheat/ fruit/ trees) came from the light that existed within the earth.. 
  • light - first created on Day 1 but then further divided on Day 4 to create sun, moon, stars 
  • waters - contained a different type of seed from the earth. 
  • creatures and beasts - Day 6 came from the earth, unlike Man who was created from the earth in the image of God.  

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