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Monday, November 15, 2010

Geneses 1: 14-15 (lights in the firmament)

What is a star?

I was drawn back to the first chapter of Genesis. Something interesting was pointed out to me as I pondered these verses.

When you read verse 14 it says.. Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven" ( this means that there will be lights within the heavens or in the sky) . these lights are to
1. divide the day from the night.
2. be for signs
3. be for seasons
4. be for days
5. be for years
6. TO GIVE Light upon the earth.

vs 15... And God made two great lights. sun and moon


So My question is? I thought that the lights in verse 14 described the stars?
If he made the stars also? What then were the lights that he described in verse 14?

We know they were not the sun, or the moon, ? Could it be the planets?
Could it be comets? '

I don't know? I just know that when you give these verses a careful reading, it leaves a few questions?

When I first read this I assumed that he meant stars? What else divides the day from the night? What else gives us seasons, days, years, and signs? Why would he say.. And he made the stars also. Why would he not just call the lights stars if that is what they are?

May the better question is... what are the lights in the firmament? Why are we so sure that it is the stars? Could we be mistaken? Could the lights be something other than stars?

What could they be if they are not stars?

more questions than comment today?

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